This is a demo in trying to re-creating a ZachteMan on iOS.
The idea came from @audiblevideo /
Script was written by @MrBlaschke /
Base was a video from HAINBACH :
called “A Walkman Mellotron”

There are some limitations, of course.
I chose ENSO to simulate the walkman and ENSO seems to change CC values only on a base of minimum values of 0.5. In ENSO itself values can be changed on a 0.01 base – so there are obviously some jumps in here.

When you see this screen simply press SHIFT to return to normal…


outCh (1): The MIDI channel the signals get send to.

CC (20): The CC channel the values are send to. Map this CC channel to the speed property of ENSO.

forward/backwards: The play direction of the sample inside of ENSO

CCVal (11): Defines the amount of step-values that are spltted on the amount of notes you define in the next two parameters

lowN (48-C3): The lowest Note on which CC values get send
highN (71-B4): The highest note on which CC values get send
The keys that are defined here are the only keys the script reacts to. Other keys are ignored.

The amount of keys between lowN and highN recieve an evenly distributed partial amount of CCval.
With the limitation of a minimum change of 0.5 the default parameters may slightly vary from mathematical correct results.

A side-effect of this 0.5 CC issue is that not every key you press triggers a change.
This is due to some mathematical rounding…

On the other side…Perfect is boring 🤪🤓

Find a Demo-AUM-File here:

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