Yoshi Paint 51 System

Unpatched fixed rack for the VCP-51 challenge.

It’s a tiny 104hp×6U system with an unorthodox curation of modules, but it has a lot of potential – so long as you’re ready to patch it creatively. It’s meant as a kinda synth/beat workstation, and best enjoyed with a MIDI keyboard, or at least QWERTY MIDI.

The big button sequencer is your main sequencer. It’s best programmed live! You can’t program a long song on it, but it’s a very fun module to jam with.

Three Starling Via modules are used in this system. While they look intimidating and don’t seem very popular, they’re wonderfully deep modules with an excellent documentation.

There’s three sample players and no dedicated drum module, but there’s many trick to have more percussion. The META can be used as a drum voice, and so can the filters.

In the archive, you’ll find the empty rack, the example beats from the video, and a handful of essential electronic percussion (kick, hi-hat, ride cymbal, yoshi sound).

VCP-51 thread: https://community.vcvrack.com/t/very-cool-patch-challenge-edition-51/8768/

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