Xaos Devices Sofia Oscillator – VCV Rack Emulation (Much Improved)

This emulator faithfully implements almost all the features of the Xaos Devices Sofia Transcendent Waveform Analog Oscillator. And the emulator has one major improvement over the hardware – It is fully polyphonic!

This new version of the Xaos Sofia Oscillator emulation uses the MindMeld Patch Master to create a really clean user interface, and docB Interface modules to create an easy to use labeled patch bay.

This version of the emulator also has significant functional enhancements over the previous one:
– The ripple damping envelopes can now be scaled to the fundamental pitch (not perfect, but close enough)
– The FM differences have been partially resolved based on feedback from a Sofia hardware owner. But I’m not convinced the end result is very true to the hardware.
– The ripple elements envelope can now span across 85% of the wave cycle, much closer to the actual hardware.

PLEASE READ THE TXT FILES WITHIN THE ZIP – They contain important information on how to use the patches.

The Sofia.zip file contains the following files:
– Sofia.vcv = full patch with emulator, scope, and Audio module)
– Sofia.vcvs = selection file – must load with Stoermelder Strip++
– Sofia Emulator Notes.txt = documentation for the emulator
– Sofia Demo = patch used for the YouTube videos
– Sofia Demo Patch Notes.txt = Quick notes on how to run the demo patch.

There are additional related videos available:

Sofia on a Sunny Day – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T3nENHxkLg

Full VOM set, including all the banter before and after the pieces – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gi58S7YXr0&t=3723s

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  • shofb on said:

    Very nice sounding OSC

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