Wingie Pinger

[Note: this patch is designed to control the Meng Qi Wingie2 via MIDI, and will do very little without a Wingie to control]

The name is a little deceptive, as in its present form, this patch doesn’t actually ping the Wingie2 . What it does do is send generatively send MIDI notes to Wingie2, as well as modulating decay, the master tuning to create vibrato, and the output level for a sort of tremolo.

You can use this patch without ZOIA doing anything with audio, but there are some simple reverb/granular modules that will effect it if you feed Wingie2’s output through ZOIA, the modules for which are on page 3.

[Capitalized colors are used below to help locate the key control modules in this patch]

The BLUE LFO in the top left of page one serves as the master clock for this patch. I designed this on Euroburo, so if you load it there, one of Zebu’s pushbuttons works as a tap tempo for the clock, but it would be fairly simple to add your own on ZOIA should you want to.

The GREEN clock divider controls the relationship between clicks of the master clock and how often new notes will be sent to Wingie2

The ORANGE quantizer module just below the clock divider allows you to control the scale and key of notes that will be output. The connection strength of the MAGENTA random LFO and the quantizer will determine the spread of notes, and the GREEN value module just below that will control the minimum pitch that can be chosen. (note that this value is minorly changed +/- by one of the LFOs that modulates other parts of the patch.

And that’s about it!

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    Thanks bewilderbeest for the patch, it’s a very good idea.
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