Whales and Dolphins, singing and dancing

Entry to the SapphireFix Challenge April 2024, a fixed rack challenge with modules from the Sapphire collection (https://community.vcvrack.com/t/sapphirefix-challenge-april-2024/21907).

An imaginary underwater landscape, where the animals sing and dance joyfully (in their ways).

I started out with the vision of marine sounds against a baseline, and once again getting there turned out to be much harder than anticipated.

Start by pushing the ‘F’ button in MixMaster.

4 voices: Bass, string, and high and low-pitch noises from Elastika and Tube Unit, respectively.

8-step ostinato of a heavy bass with moving timbre from Sine VCO. String from Palette, with modulated timbre.

Sequence from 8Seq with occasional random gate dropouts, and slight root note variation from Slips.

Sapphire Nucleus, Glee and Frolic modulate all kinds of things. Trans- and cross-modulation adds variety. Modulation of the Speed knob of Nucleus makes its signal jump around, sometimes slow, sometimes fast.

ShapeMaster for panning and volume control in the arrangement.

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