Whale Heart & Subharmonicon emulator v5.2

Here is another flute / synth piece derived from my Moog Subharmonicon emulator built with VCV Rack.

This is version 5.2 of the emulator using a VCV Fundamental VCO. The main change for 5.2 is the use of the docB Just Scaler for just intonation, which allows you to set the tonic of the just intonation. The prior version 5.1 used a Submarine WK-205, which was fixed at a C tonic for just intonation. Detailed information about version 5.1 is available at https://patchstorage.com/subharmonicon-emulator-v5-for-rack-2/

This virtual Subharmonicon patch is unusual in that sequence 2 is applied to both VCO 1 and VCO 2, and sequence 1 is only applied to sub-oscillator B of VCO 1. An additional voice is created by passing a copy of the raw Sub 1B square wave output through a Bogaudio VCF in linear mode. An LFO slowly sweeps the VCF cutoff to play individual notes from the odd harmonic series. The filter voice is silent when the cutoff is between harmonics, or below the fundamental. A Squinky Labs Shaper imparts more character to the voice, which sounds reminiscent of a violin when reverb is applied.

This patch uses the premium VCV Host-FX, with the free Valhalla Supermassive delay/reverb VST plugin using the Planetarium preset (SFX -> Nebluae -> Planetarium).

All other plugins are free.

The Stoermelder PackOne plugin is still not available in the library, but it can be downloaded from the assets section at the bottom of https://github.com/stoermelder/vcvrack-packone/releases/tag/Nightly. Simply place the appropriate version of the zip file in your VCV Rack plugin folder, and restart VCV Rack.

Start the patch by pressing the top button of the BIGBUTTON module in the lower right corner. The piece will stop automatically after 6 minutes (90 clock pulses at 15 BPM). Adjust the song length via the FUSE LIMIT knob.

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