Weird Grain

A never-finished-patch I started a few years ago, basically a wavetable synth with a bunch of options including arpeggiator, delay, grain/pitch shifting, and more. Most of the pages are self explanatory, although a few controls are not hooked up (maybe a good project for a beginner tweaker to cut their teeth on?)

Because of it’s quirky nature it may not be a great ‘lead’ synth but I’ve gotten some great textures/rises/tones from it. Also includes a pretty cool ‘randomizer’ to make new patches. Has the abilty to ‘save’ the current patch.

Due to my lack of free time right now, I won’t be able to provide any support on this one, but feel free to upgrade/alter as you see fit, I think with a few improvements this could actually be useful!

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  • State: Work In Progress
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  • Category: Synthesizer
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License
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2 comments on “Weird Grain
  • nicolasbulb on said:

    This is actually pretty good. When I’ll have the courage to jump into some PD, I’ll try with this one. Thanks!

  • Tessio Novack on said:

    This is a great sounding patch. I didn’t figure out how to set the BPM of the arpeggiator though. Any clues?..

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