Weathered – A lofi tape deck emulator

Weathered is a simple patch that loosely emulates my ten-dollar ’80s Goodwill tape deck (because of course it does lol). It plays back warbly, the preamp distorts like crazy, and it just generally sounds like garbage, but just the right kind to make me wanna make a patch out of it.

Super straightforward chain: Compressor > Vibrato > LPF > Overdrive

There are just two things that might warrant a quick explanation:

VIBRATO // Rate and Depth are modulated by the LFO up in the right corner. Adjust the LFO rate and attenuate the connection to taste.

LPF // Just a SV Filter set to low pass. Connected to Control Port to sweep the filter via expression. Adjust resonance to taste.

3 comments on “Weathered – A lofi tape deck emulator
  • Rob Flax on said:

    Another excellent patch! Simple, to the point, dialed in well. Great sounds!!

  • ambienttrash on said:

    Awesome, glad ya like it!!

  • miziodel on said:

    I love this patch, it’s amazing how much soul it gives to a piano signal. Thanks for sharing!! :)

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