Volcanelle Sample

This patch (Volcanelle Sample) is for using the Organelle as a ‘meta’ MIDI controller for the Korg Volca Sample (note: only the Volca makes sounds with this patch). Each of the four Organelle knobs (and the expression pedal input) controls one or more settings on the Volca – all specifically tailored for live sound design but easy to modify if you’d like. The Organelle keyboard (including aux button) is also active. See the patch comments for more details (I really recommend it for this particular patch; it’s quite different from the other 4 in this set). In addition to 1) an Organelle and 2) the Volca, you will also need 3) some sort of USB-to-5_pin_MIDI connection. This could be a dedicated MIDI 2×2 box, a Korg SQ-1, an audio interface, or something else with that functionality. Also: I did a YouTube video a while back about setting up and using the Volca Keys version of this patch; it will help explain any of the 5 patches (search ‘volcanelle’ on YouTube to find it). There is a short demo of this patch on Instagram (posted in late January, @dr_nim2014).

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