This is a basic and superficial emulation of Volca Modular, or at least it should be.

I spent days studying the structure of the Volca and I was able to take a few small steps forward, but I also had to take a few steps back.
The clock divider with the correct numbers had some timing errors, so I put the first clock divider back, even though the division /3 is missing.
The KNOBS module did not allow the A+BxC module to work, I removed it, I also removed the KNOBS dedicated to reverb, it was practically useless.
I realized that the sequencer no longer has pitch outputs, so currently it is not possible to use a Sequential Switch to replicate pattern chaining.
The only step forward was to change the voltages trying to get closer to the sound of the Volca, it only worked quite well on the oscillators, as far as possible.
To conclude: I consider this project failed and abandoned. Maybe I’ll pick it up again in the future when I get more abilities, but thanks to this attempt, I’ve discovered a couple of things to explore in other patches.

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