My first patch with the Zoia is to sequence a Korg Volca FM and process the audio from it.

The Zoia sequences notes from the Volca FM, which in turn routes its audio back through the Zoia for processing. Two sequencers are running on the Zoia in parallel, and a random LFO selects between their output to send notes to the Volca.

To make the sound more interesting I also run three LFOs in parallel at different rates to modulate the change in tone comes from changing the algorithms, and I may have overdone it slightly here.

Audio processing is pretty simple; a ping-png delay fed into a hall reverb. The mix levels on both effects are modulated using two separate LFOs.

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2 comments on “VolcaFMSeq
  • BROCKSTAR on said:

    Will this work with guitar too?

  • synthdad on said:

    It should do, but the sequencer page won’t be of any use

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