Volca Drum Velocity Mapper

This patch enables extensive per-note velocity modulation of the 6 voices of Volca Drum.
For each drum part choose from 18 CCs to modulate the voice according to note-velocity.

This patch is for those wanting to externally sequence the Volca Drum as a sound-module instead of relying on its built-in motion sequencing functionality

Volca Drum Velocity Mapper relies on oscillatorsink’s excellent synthmata volca-drum webtool (https://synthmata.com/volca-drum) for the design of a specific ‘velocity-kit’.

Once a ‘velocity-kit’ is designed, however, it can be then used entirely stand-alone.

See https://community.blokas.io/t/volca-drum-velocity-mapper/4087 for more details.

NB. Transform-Rescale pairs in this patch are arranged in {Part1PropertyA, Part2PropertyA, Part1PropertyB,…} order. If your workflow would be better with {Part1PropertyA, Part1PropertyB, …Part1PropertyR, Part2PropertyA, …} order, drop me a comment here or on above link & I’ll post that version.

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