Voices From The Basement

Insert Mode Program – Series Routing. Program MIX 40%. Reverse Reverb into Q-Wah. Programmed for stereo use.

Blooming, modulated reverse reverb filtered through vocal formant processing, triggered by envelope in Q-Wah. EXP1 sweeps Mod Level in Reverse Reverb, and Q-Intensity, Sensitivity, and secondary Depth Mod in Q-Wah.

All three HotKnobs are pre-programmed for making fine adjustments to several of the effects. Customize the sound, using these variations:

* [P] HotKnob (+/-) – adjust Reverse Reverb Diffusion and changes Q-Wah Type. [default = 25]
* [A] HotKnob (+/-) – adjust Decay & Feedback in Reverse Reverb. [default = 25].
* [B] HotKnob (+/-) – change Q-Wah Bottom-Depth or Start Vowel-End Vowel. [default = 25].

Other options include momentary / latching FREEZE or INFINITE forward reverb with late dry reflections, or RETRIGGER LFO and Brake Fast/Slow options for Q-Wah.

See the Program Notes for more information on the PERFORM switch mappings.

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