Vocoder Song – Control the entire song with the mic

Here’s the patch used to record my song “Donated my Upload to the Algorithm so my Soul will be Reborn as a Powerful Vocaloid”.

Set up the mic input, sound output, run the clock, make random noises in the mic, and play with the TACT devices to get started.

This patch uses the microphone, detects the current note, coerces it to the C minor scale, makes a chord from it, vocodes the note rhythmically, and plays the chord. Quality mic and singing talent not required! Cables are color-coded for your convenience, and logical blocks are labeled.

This patch only uses free devices currently available from the VCV library.

A Touchosc template is also provided, but it is not necessary at all – it only provides shortcuts to the clock, mixer mutes, and TACT devices.

I’m still very new to VCV: any idea how to simplify this patch? I might be doing things the hard way. Suggestions welcome.

If you record your own performance, or take this idea in a new direction, I’d love to hear it.

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