Verb and Delay

Reverb and delay with Trails on

Nothing extra fancy, Just trails on when bypassed.

Just got my ZOIA! I realized that most of the amazing effects I’ve tried in ZOIA were bypassed when switched off, so I created this as my first patch project.
Page 1. Switches. You can either use the stompswitches or the pushbuttons for on/off

Page 2. Reverb
Page 3. Delay
Page 4. Mixer – Post FX
Page 5. Input / Output

Left stomp – Reverb on/off
Center stomp -Delay on/off
Right – Tap tempo

Pink – Signal in and out
Blue – Everything to do with reverb
Purple – Delay
White – general effects

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  • Revision: 1.1
  • License: Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License
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  • Modified: 4 months ago
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4 comments on “Verb and Delay
  • Entropy Disorder on said:

    Thanks for the lovely patch! sounds great!

    I have the ZEBU but I cannot figure how to do bypass in my case, and also the page 4 mixer page got me really confused as i am trying to add a VCA to control the input gain, but im not sure where to connect it too. There are so many audio balance in and Pedal in. Appreciate any tips!

  • chkbeto on said:

    Hi Entropy Disorder, thank you for your kind message.
    I’ll check it out. This was my first patch in ZOIA and to be honest I wasn’t very sure what I was doing lol. I’ll take a look to learn more. :)

  • chkbeto on said:

    I’ll upload tomorrow a new version that I think will be more useful for you in your Euroburo.

  • chkbeto on said:

    Hi Entropy Disorder, there’s my newest version of this patch.

    I included a VCA in page 4 to control input gain. (which actually was a cool idea, thank you).

    Hope it helps fella!

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