Venom Rhythm Explorer Demo

Here is a demo featuring three modules from my new Venom plugin for VCV Rack:
– Rhythm Explorer
– Bernoulli Switch
– Poly Clone

This demo barely scratches the surface of what the Rhythm Explorer and Bernoulli Switch can do.

Press the CLKD Run button to start and stop the patch.

EDIT – Some people were experiencing crashes with the original patch I posted that includes the Low Fat Milk visualization plugin. I believe Low Fat Milk still has some bugs, and it is not needed for the demo. I’ve updated the patch to a version without the Low Fat Milk. So it looks different than in the video, but functionally, from an audio standpoint, it is identical.

4 comments on “Venom Rhythm Explorer Demo
  • kleinemaschinen on said:

    Dave, this patch will not open on my Rack 2.06 on Windows 10. The patch file size says it is 8.12 KB , that seems a bit light?

  • davevenom on said:

    Patch size of 8.12 KB is exactly right – it is a small patch.

    I just purged the Venom plugin from my local installation and updated with a fresh copy from the library, and I downloaded the patch from PatchStorage, and all worked just fine. I am also on Windows 10. But my Rack version is 2.2.3.

    Your Rack version is pretty far behind. I’m wondering if that might be the source of your problem.

  • davevenom on said:

    I believe the problem stemmed from a bugged Low Fat Milk (LFM) plugin that is just used for visualization, it is totally unnecessary. I’ve had crash problems with LFM in the past, but I thought the bugs had been worked out – apparently not.

    I stripped out the LFM from my patch and had someone test that was experiencing a crash with my prior version. Everything worked for him, so I uploaded this new version. Hopefully all should be good now for everyone.

  • kleinemaschinen on said:

    Thanks Dave I’ll give the patch another run out. Hopefully this will work now, Much appreciated.

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