Venom Rhythm Explorer and Lame Juis with Drums

Here is another patch where I use my Venom Rhythm Explorer to drive the LameJuis sequencer. Rhythm Explorer supplies various gate patterns to which LameJuis applies logic operations to determine what intervals to stack to create the ultimate 3 part melody and rhythm. This is basically the same patch I posted to the VCV Community at, except this version uses the Rhythm Explorer gates to directly drive some drums. The drums are correlated with, but do not exactly mirror the melodic parts.

The VCV Drums are a premium module – all other modules are free.

Press either shift key, or press the Little Utils button to start/stop the patch.

In the video below I pair the patch with an improv on my Native American flute in Dm. The performance is from Rob’s Virtual Open Mic on September 11, 2023.

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