VeloNote maps input Velocities to Notes ignoring input note(s).

Generates NoteOff with delay (if configured).
Includes channel mapping, and some basic random options.
Supports setting a scale and root note to indicate which tones to include.
You may find this useful for any instruments that vary velocity but not note: even a single key on a keyboard, or a midi drum.

Comes with favorite presets for ODD ball (, set via pads. See @MySetPresets. I am not affiliated with the manufacturers of Odd ball, nor receive anything from their sales. I developed this to juggle sounds with friends.

Quick overview of usage: Get Audiobus, Mozaic, and some synth or sampler that handles midi-in bus. In Audiobus, connect midi-in device(s), each ball on separate path, link to Mozaic in middle (loaded with VeloNote source/project), Mozaic linked to synth or sampler out (eg. Korg Module or Loopy pro or whatever you like).

The Zip file contains the source as a .moz file and the project as a .mozaic file. It also contains an UltraEdit .uew word file that can be used to make editing .moz files in UE a bit more fun.

I find the easiest way to get this into Mozaic is: name the .moz file as .txt, copy it to icloud, copy within Files. Open Mozaic, paste, save with name VeloNote. viola.. Modifying the presets in code is a bit safer than expecting them to be saved forever.
When Audibus project is saved, that will also save and reload current state.

Press Shift to alternate screens, with more options (channel settings, sustain, pad presets).
Hold Down Shift for 4+ seconds for Debug mode (shows notes being hit, converted).
Shift-Pad saves a preset. See Pads.

InVeloMin : Minimum velocity, below this is silenced
InVeloMax : Maximum velocity, above this gets NoteMax+1
NoteMin : Minimum note of mapping. Input note used when NoteMin,NoteMax are 0,0.
NoteMax : Maximum note of mapping. Random and Scale are not used when NoteMin,NoteMax are 0,0.
OctaveOfs : Octave Offset +- (*12) to NoteMin/Max, -5 to +5, 0 offset at 64 (middle)
SendOff : Delay to Send Note Off, 0 to disable
OutVeloMin: Minimum output velocity: if min<max and num notes < num input velocites
OutVeloMax: Maximum output velocity: sent on all unless OutVeloMin differs
NoteScale : Selects a built in scale or a custom scale, 0 = Chromatic (every note)
RootNote : Selects a root note for scale, ignored for Chromatic, 0 = same as NoteMin

Other knobs require using Shift to change display for more knobs to access.
InChan : Input Channel, 1 based, mapped to 0 to 16, 0 = omni
OutChan : Output Channel, 1 based, mapped to 0 to 16. 0 = same as In
Sustain : Sustain, 0 = None, then mapped 1-8 alternating continue option yes/no

X : RandOffset : Random semi-tone offset, 1 picks -1, 0, 1. 0 is none, 127 is all
Y : RandGroup = Group Notes (12 semi-tones is octave), random within group.
If scale is selected, this selects notes in the scale.

Pressing a pad loads a preset.
Hold down Shift then press a Pad to save current settings as a preset on that pad. Warning: presets saved this way are lost on new version upload.

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