VCV039 Symmetries

It is always difficult to find a name for a music title. Sometimes I take the first word that comes into my mind. This time before I went back to VCV Rack I played a little bit with Photoshop and made a kind of rorschach test for the next cover. Well, in the end it didn’t really look like a rorschach test anymore, but still relatively symmetrical. Well, that’s the title of this one^^. I didn’t make this patch in one go this time, but always for a few minutes over several days. Somehow it sounds completely different than at the beginning. To control the mixer knobs I used my MPK Mini. It would have been nice to have more than 8 knobs on this little one, but it was enough. Some faders I simply triggered with the pads, hehe :). The sound of this patch is not quite optimal. I think I overdid it a bit with the reverb and what sounds like kalimba seems to dominate too much or is too loud compared to the other sounds. I wonder if with time you get a feeling for the right balance in the sound. I really have no feeling for it.

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4 comments on “VCV039 Symmetries
  • Kleinemaschinen on said:

    Personally, I like the presence of the kalimba in it! Then again, I didn’t toil over making it for days!
    A great variegated track with great percussion! I can only hope to get this good. How do you keep track of some many modules and layers?

  • deep-drone on said:

    Hallo @Kleinemaschinen. I am also not very good at modular music yet. With me it is still more or less a trial and error than real ability^^. Sometimes I hear an interesting sound while playing around and try to isolate it to make more out of it. That’s what I like about working with modules, that you can add the factor of coincidence and discover sounds. When organizing modules, the writable blanks help me a lot. I also like to have melodies, drums and effects on their own layers and with their own fader in the mixer. More like 3 layers (not counting the mixer) I try to avoid to have everything important at a glance.

  • Instant_Justice on said:

    I love this patch. I’ve been working with it ever since you posted. Hoping to develop the skills that you have – amazing work!

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