VCV Rhythm Generator inspired by Vermona randomRHYTHM

Here is a VCV Selection composed of free modules that implements many of the features of the Vermona randomRhythm Eurorack module. I was inspired to take this on by this post from AtreonMusic in the VCV Community:

Vermona randomRhythm features implemented:
– All four divisions: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/4 triplet
– Total random mode (0 seed value)
– Random pattern generation based on seed values
– Probability for each division
– Run and Reset controls
– Combined mode (OR the individual patterns)
– Offbeat mode
– CV control over everything

Added features relative to the randomRhythm:
– 4 additional divisions: 1/32, whole note triplets, 1/2 triplets, and 1/8 triplets
Ability to save and quickly switch between 8 random pattern seed values
– More options for pattern length. Besides 1×3/4 and 1×4/4, you can select 1×2/4, 2×4/4, 4×4/4, and beyond. Note that the 1*3/4 seems to be bugged – it definitely repeats a pattern, but not as expected, more like 4×3/4 (not sure why).
– Ability to turn off Offbeat mode for combined OR signal.
– Linear mode: Similar to Offbeat, but only drops strikes if a higher priority division strikes. Offbeat drops if higher priority clock fires. This is applied to both individual patterns and combined OR pattern.
– Still able to apply Offbeat to OR and not individual patterns by turning Offbeat on, but Linear off.
– XOR combined signal. Option to use odd parity mode (strike if odd number of divisions), or 1 hot mode (strike only if exactly 1 division)
– Simultaneous access to clocks and patterns, as well as OR and XOR
– Built in clock
– Ability to control RUN with a gate, or by toggling triggers. The RUN output is always a gate.

Missing features:
– Only 1 pattern generator (set of 8 divisions) instead of 2 generators (2 sets of 4 divisions in Vermona)
– Cannot accept a clock input, must use internal clock
– No mutes
– No swing (The docB clock has swing for each division, but I don’t think it is working correctly)

The patch transport control is more complicated than I hoped because the docB module has a couple bugs – the RUN output port is broken, and the RESET fires, but appears to not have any affect. So I had to increase the size of the patch to implement my own RUN and RESET.

The zip file includes both a selection patch, as well as the full patch used in the demo video.

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