vcv rack ambient patch # 29

Too many modules are running and the computer CPU is having some problems

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  • robin_nicklas on said:


    The video and thumbnail of my ‘interfusion’ patch show cpu utilization of around 40% on my desktop. There is no way I could run the patch on my older laptop.

    You might try reducing the number of voices in the polyphonic pad. I used eight, but using three or four might be sufficient. Also, you’ll note that I use much more empty space between events, which might reduce the load created by reverb and delay. Of course, you have added interesting voices to the patch, which potentially increases what is already a heavy load.

    I’m glad you found the patch useful! I enjoyed listening to and working through your transformations.

    -Robin Nicklas

  • alex-d on said:

    Thank you very much for your advice Robin. I’m trying to reduce a few things

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