VCV Rack #85 Shishi odoshi

The topic of this patch is Shishi odoshi. This is a kind of Japanese scarecrow that is supposed to keep wild animals away from the home garden. Basically, it is a little spring, where a bamboo pipe is filled with water until it tips over and makes a hollow sound when it hits a stone. To be honest, I feel calming about this kind of noise. I wonder if it really scares animals. In Japanese movies you also sometimes hear grasshoppers chirping in the background. It always makes me think of a quiet warm summer day. I realised such a chirping with the analog hi-hat of the Macro Oscillator. For the sound of the Shishi odoshi I used Inharmonic string modelling. This noise has something of a hollow bamboo pipe, maybe it sounds too metallic, but it doesn’t bother me :)

Omris presentation of the Shapemaster Module:

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