VCV Rack #82 phobos & deimos

In this vcv rack performance I’m using for the first time the confusing simplers slices feature. I stored 7 slices wich I can trigger by pressing the 8face buttons. I also tried the polygene module, which allows you to store a lot of euclidean sequences. I’m only using 2 sequences for triggering some 8faces and the inner sequence to reset the arpegio on the 2nd mixer channel. The voice you are hearing is the recording of my voice, which I pitched and distorted in fl-studio. I wanted to make it sound like a child, who is talking about mars and its moons phobos & deimos. For the Ambient sound I recorded the sequence of mixer channel 6 and played it backwards. Usually the bernoulli gate will trigger/stop the recording, after a long period. If you have no patience, just press the recording button by yourself :)

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