VCV Rack #63 Ghosts

For this patch I used more or less the same modules I use all the time. It is nothing special. This time I wanted to do something with voice recording again. For the upcoming 31 October I read the wiki article about ghosts :). My microphone unfortunately records the voice very quietly, so I always have to amplify it a bit afterwards. This time I reworked the recording from the Complex Simpler in Davinci Resolve. The result sounded a bit louder and clearer, but for some reason it couldn’t be reopened in complex simpler. I then exported it with the Edison tool in FL-Studio, which didn’t cause any problems. It’s really strange that the complex simpler doesn’t recognize the exports of Davinci. Is it only me or is this a known issue?

Download contains the VCV file and a recording of the spoken wiki article about ghosts.

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  • Revision: 1.0
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