VCV Rack #56 Night owl cats

I’m really sorry, but I flooded my patch again with too many modules. Even my PC is screaming for help. I hope the strip modules from Stoermelder minimize the load on your computer a bit. Muted mixer channels also deactivate the corresponding module groups. I made it easy this time and saved some mixer positions in 8face, this way I only have to press buttons and not move the mixer controls with the mouse cursor. If you want to operate the mixer manually, just click on the button above the yellow label on the far left. This toggle will disable the module group and you can then move the sliders in the mixer with the mouse cursor. I noticed that the occasional error messages when opening the patch no longer come up. Either an update fixed this problem, or it’s because I’m using different Blank modules this time. It’s also worth mentioning that while browsing the module library, I happened to come across Count Modula’s Cable Palette. I didn’t know that there is another module besides the Wire Manager from Submarine that allows you to select the cable color manually. Also quite handy is the Credit module from Chowdsp, which exports a list of all used mudules in the patch as a text file. I also like the color play of the Catro/Blanco Blancs. It’s a pity that the colors are not so good to see when the Light-Off module is activated.

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