VCP 74 Oct 22 – Generative Mood with Tides 2 by aetrion

This is my first patch with Tides.
I used Tides solely as a **voice/osc** because that is what fascinated me the most when getting to know the module. Modulating the different paramenters via S&H on every note or via LFOs of different speeds really gets some interesting timbres out of it.

To generate the **random rhythm**, I used another setup based on bernoulli gates with modulated probability.

The **ambient voice** is definitely the star of the patch. Try bypassing Plateau (2nd row to the left) and solo the first mixer channel to hear the crazy variations tides can produce.

Of course I couldn’t help myself and added a rhythmic component with my go to **shaker** setup =).

Another thing I discovered when playing around with the higher voice is how cool **Chronoblob** sounds when the feedback and time parameter both get modulated by different LFOs. With such high delay feedback settings, I always use a **compressor** after the delay to keep the volume in check.


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