VCP-69 Grendel

My submission for the VCP-69 challenge: to make a VCV Rack patch that uses RPJ Grendel, a quad LFO. and because this edition is numbered 69, you have to use self-modulation.

Well, there’s this patch. It uses 6 instances of the module in each of the four modes of operation, varying from master clock and trigger generator to sound producing oscillators, wave shaping and of course modulation, including self modulation. 8 voices, 5 of which are Grendel in audio frequency based (the other 3 are kick, hi-hat and snare). Song segmentation with a Janneker/Jooper combo, nothing generative.

Can’t say I am happy with it, I found the module somewhat limited and awkward to work with. Max frequency is 120 Hz, so I settled for notes between A1 and A2 making a very bass sound. Its CV control is not 1V/oct so I had to resort to a manual sequence.

Video is mainly produced by VCV Rack itself with some light post production for the titles and so forth.

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