vcp-67 Panning shoegaze

vcp challenge #67: panning, show creative use of panning.

The entire rhythm section, 4 voices and 1 bass is panned on a note by note basis somewhere in the stereo landscape using the pan control on the mixer.

Two voices use a Doppler style effect panning from left to right (or right to left for the other one) but also with increased pitch and gaining strength as it ‘moves’ to the observer and decreasing pitch and losing strength as it fades away into the audio distance.

The final voice also pans on a note by note basis but this is less easy to discern as this panning is done before the ‘pedal’ array of effects which includes a delay with substantial feedback.

Rhythm section of four is sequenced, the rest is mostly generative.

Video is a slightly audio reactive patch in Touch Designer.

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