VCP-61 The other equinox

It has some similarities with the the previous equinox entry, the noise wave, the low drone at 366 / 6 Hz and the occasional meteor shower (just a series of bleeps, mind), but other than that this is totally different.

The clock, yeah well, the clock is derived from the the rhythm of the seasons in that it zero crossings at dawn and sunset are used to generate the pulse. The days always have the same length but during the summer the daytime is longer and in the winter shorter.

The clock plays a kick drum and some sequences. A number of pads have been set up to control the quality and such of the various voices, so you can play live in VCV rack only. Normally, you would use a Pad MIDI Controller for this. In the video I play it myself, by twisting virtual knobs and the sliders of the mixer.

All modules are free.

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