VCP 57: Impromptu transmissions

For VCP 57, I used Impromtu’s Foundry and Chord Key.
I was going for a sci fi / deep space signal transmission type of sound.

Row 1 is a bass drone

Row 2 and 3 are controlled by the Foundry sequencer. Foundry has 4 separate tracks. Track A goes to “Lead 1”, track B goes to “Lead 2”. The pitch CV goes through a microtonal quantizer (this will give it a slightly off feeling).

Row 4 is Chord-Key. I have it set to play a random chord. The pitch CV also goes into a microtonal quantizer.

The bass and the 2 leads are the same path. A Squinky Labs saw with both outputs going through a comparator and then a band pass filter. I gives it a retro low fi sound.

I threw a LFO on the BPM for the clock and throttled it down with a VCA. This way the clock will increase/decrease by about 20 BPMs. It’s just enough so that it doesn’t sit in a steady rhythm.

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