Use Open Stage Control with VCV Rack

This is my session for Open Stage Control and my basic patch for VCV Rack in which the modules can be controlled with a tablet.

Usage – the short version:

* Load VCV-SIX-SYNTH.json as a session in Open Stage Control and connect from a browser on the tablet to this session.

* Load the OpenStageControl-VULT.vcv patch into VCV Rack.

*Make sure the ports in the OSC’ELOT module match those of OpenStageControl.

* Select “Re-send OSC feedback->Now” in the menu to transfer the labels.

* Watch the video to learn more about the usage of the elements.

* Create your own patches based on OpenStageControl-temp-2560.vcv (WQHD) or OpenStageControl-temp-1920.vcv (HD).

*Adjust the mapping of the labels in VCV-SIX-SYNTH.json in the infotext/onValue element to get other labels.

The long version: (German only)

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