Use a USB midi keyboard through the Organelle to play devices with only a standard midi input.

OK it’s not the best use for the Organelle! But it’s there on the desk and very handy.

I bet there’s another way to do this, or there’s a patch already (let me know) but here is one :)


– Plug your USB keyboard into the Organelle
– Use the Midi setup settings to enable input
– Run the patch

1. Midi Output Channel: 1 to 16
2. Octave: +/- 3
3. Transpose: -12 to 12 semitones

Aux Button: Hold this to send ‘note off’ i.e. velocity=0 to every note in a second or two. This is to handle notes getting stuck on. Which can happen with midi.

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  • xylocept on said:

    I don’t think there’s a patch just like this. Orac is also capable of acting as MIDI host …But! Orac is a lot less intuitive, and Does Not let you octave/transpose the MIDI

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