UpdateOS-v22TB – replaced by OS 3.0

this beta is now closed.
all changes/features have now been incorporated into the official C&G OS 3.0

you can download OS 3.0 from:

thank you for your help/feedback and participation

This is BETA version of a Organelle Controller.

(it is not an official release supported by C&G)

primary features are:
– supports subdirectories
– favourite patches
– support secondary partition on internal sd card for patches
– alsa support
– ability to add pd options for patches
– supercollider support (need SC_Install)


for discussion, please go to

note: all these changes will be included in the next official C&G release.

change log

Beta 2
– fix set midi channel
– fix eject/reload/midi ‘screen freezes’
– fix issue with multipage version
– move favourites to /usbdrive/favourites.txt

Beta 3
– fix midi config leaving oscdump running
– verify Update package when installing (SHA1) for possible corruption
– rearrange menu
– introduce shutdown shortcut, hold encoder down for 4 seconds to initiate shutdown

Beta 4
– install improvements, only check files in manifest, report failed installed, dont reboot

Beta 5
– fix saving of “multi page synths”
– add “>” to patch subdirectories.

Beta 6
– program changes from favourites

Beta 7
– experimental alsa support

Beta 8
– improved alsa support

Beta 9
– warning on shutdown shortcut, and abort options
– update ssh options, to allow X11/ssh access
– UPDATE password to organelle (lowercase)

Beta 10
– improved update scripts
– no menu timeout whilst doing shutdown shortcut
– reset menu timeout whilst navigating menu
– mother.pd in patch directory overrides system
– version check patch/system dir mother.pd files

Beta 11
– pd-opts.txt , allow pure data options to be specified
– add /userdrive/PdExtraLibs to pd
– fix issue with upgrade for organelle < 2.0

Beta 12
– add media and data directories

Beta 13/14
– improved gMessages

Beta 15
– smooth knobs/exp/volume in host, rather than PD

Beta 16/17
– patch suport extended to :
– supercollider (need SC_Install)
– run.sh
– sub menus for user ‘extra’ system file
– menu options now categorised
– initial supercollider mother patch (mother.scd)

Beta 18
– new installer for patches
– ability to override supercollider mother, and provide options

C&G – OS 3.0 released, this is beta is now closed.

should you have any issues, or simply wish to switch back to the official C&G release, simply install the 2.1 release

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5 comments on “UpdateOS-v22TB – replaced by OS 3.0
  1. shreeswifty on said:

    Does this make the card in the organelle R/W? :-)

  2. thetechnobear on said:

    no, the OS partition on the sdcard is read only for a good reason.

    what this supports is if you have a second (writable) partition on the internal SD card, then yes, it will use that , when a usb stick is not inserted.

    currently this means, getting a bigger SD card, and manually following the steps I describe here:
    this is how Im running my organelle now :)

    Id like to get C&G to be happy with this approach first, then perhaps we can script it… so it can be run as a patch. but bare in mind, if it goes wrong , it can ‘toast’ the sdcard (well you’ll have to format it again)

    there might be an option or repartitioning the C&G supplied 4gb SD Card, so there is 2GB for the OS, and 2GB for patches/samples, but i need to look at this is more detail, the issue is C&G already allocated the whole partition, and I’m not sure if it can be compressed.

    … and of course, doing it on users ‘factory’ sd card, means they are without an organelle, till they fix it
    so perhaps doing it on a bigger second SD card, is better for most people anyway… so you keep your ‘factory’ card intact

  3. shreeswifty on said:

    That’s what i was thinking. setting up a simulation and keeping the factory card separate.
    But i do have the leisure of two of them. i still wonder if we could still get away with scripting it to write to the internal drive /tmp and put a limit on that with a shell script might be safest

  4. Bort Bort on said:

    :O gamechanger! thankyou so much man. this is great. how do you assign favourites?

  5. thetechnobear on said:

    beta3 out
    @Bort Bort
    > How do you assign favourites
    details on forum… but basically , load a patch as normal , then ‘show favourites’ -> add current to favourites.

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