Updates the Organelle Operating System to version 2.1.

See here for more info:

<a href="http://forum.critterandguitari.com/t/organelle-os-update-example-patches/1212&quot; rel=”nofollow”><a href="http://forum.critterandguitari.com/t/organelle-os-update-example-patches/1212http://forum.critterandguitari.com/t/organelle-os-update-example-patches/1212</a&gt;

NOTE: If you previously downloaded the v2.0 update, please run this update as well. It fixes a bug with the v2.0.

4 comments on “Update-OS-v2.1
  • Matteo Bianchini on said:

    Since the update, everytime i load a patch I see the message
    /usbdrive/MIDI.Config.txt: can’t open
    /usbdrive/MIDI.Config.txt: read failed
    /tmp/patch/knobs.txt: can’t open
    /tmp/patch/knobs.txt: read failed

    Can anyone help me to understand please?

  • Owen Osborn on said:

    The messages about opening and reading MIDI-Config and knobs.txt are actually normal (if you change MIDI channel or save a patch they will get written, but otherwise it is fine if they are not present)

    The version you see in the info screen is strange however. Maybe some of the update files got corrupted on the USB drive, do you have another USB drive you can try running the update from?

  • Matteo Bianchini on said:

    Yes I suspected that the messages were nothing too serious (the one about midi disappears if you actually configure the MIDI channel as doing so it creates the “missing” file.
    And I have actually noticed some files corruption in my USB that may have lead to something strange during the update process.
    As a first step, I reformatted the USB, copied back all of the (uncorrupted) folders and repeated the update process but the strange message in the “Info” is still there. I’m gonna try asap (tomorrow night, probably) with a brand new USB but I suspect the repeating the update wouldn’t change anything.
    Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep you posted if I find anything that may possibly be useful to others.

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