Unipolar LFO

I use Midihub to add some extra modifiers, controlled by a Beatstep, to my Korg Prologue, but I got frustrated because the LFO is bi-polar.

This pipe uses an LFO as a free running source sending out CC messages, that are all transformed to a fixed value. A second LFO changes that value up and down.

I have mapped both the fixed value and the depth of the second LFO to a MIDI controller knob on the BeatStep. The fixed value is doubled before sending it to the second LFO, making it always identical to the depth setting and resulting in a uni-polar LFO.

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  • resonotter on said:

    hey, mintvelt, does it matter what the rate of the generator LFO is in relation to the modifier LFO, do you think?

  • mintvelt on said:

    No. I’ve set the second LFO to “active mod” so it keeps sending cc values even if you turn off the first LFO.
    I’ve put the first LFO to 8hz (lowest setting) in order to keep it sending changes to the depth value.

    I haven’t tried it but maybe if you change the CC encoder very fast, the timing may get you warped results. But even then the 16Hz second LFO should correct it quickly enough.

  • mintvelt on said:

    You could also replace the first LFO with the midi signal from the CC encoder, beatstep or keylab in my case.

    I am still experimenting with this one and I will post an update if I figure out more; like selecting which cc value the LFO modifies.

    With the bi-polar LFO, I use mostly the mod wheel and after touch CC messages and map either one of those to a parameter on my synth.

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