^u+=chR= .001^u+=chR= .001^u+=chR= .001^u+=chR= .001

^u+=chR= .002
The first thing you will say is “this sounds nothing like autechre” Lighten up We’re having fun. Generative Glitch drums and the best blinkenlights this side of the Manson/Nixon line.

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4 comments on “^u+=chR= .001^u+=chR= .001^u+=chR= .001^u+=chR= .001
  • Antonio Gonzalez on said:

    ” This can sound like autechre” That’s what I say.
    So nice shreeswifty!!!
    My place has turned into a deep electronic cave.

    Thank’s again for all this maravellous work!

  • Steve Hooper on said:

    THIS IS AMAZING PATRICK!!!! love it so much. THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Patrick Murphy on said:

    Love this patch. genius. would love some info on how the buttons affect the algorithms.

  • miko73 on said:

    Hi !
    Great patch ! ! !
    I would love some info on the controls too please…
    Also the volume knob does nothing. Is it normal ?

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