Two Loops

Two sample loops playing at set bpm, granular shift of pitch and rate.

Load up samples A and B which loop away, but get reset on a set-bpm clock to give pulsing effects to fit with a track for instance. Enhanced with a tremolo effect for more pulse.

Also you can shift the sample pitch using the keys, either on sample A or B.

Samples are stored in the ‘samples’ folder in the format ‘Audio1.wav’ etc.

Version History
0.1 Original Version

To load samples:
– Go to Main page
– Select a file number using Knob 1
– Hit Aux+C# to load sample A
– Select another file number using Knob 1
– Hit Aux+D# to load sample B

(I know it’s a bit fiddly, but worth the effort you’ll find)

Aux Button
The Aux button gives a 5-item menu that enables actions on the first five black keys:
C# Load File A (Using the file number in Main page)
D# Load File B (Ditto)
F# Reset Clock (Hit this to sync the pad with some external track)
G# Toggle which sample plays with a pitch-shift based on the keys
A# Step through depths of reverb from none to lots.

1) Main
1. File Number selector
2. Tempo x2 bpm
3. Tremolo (Depth)
4. Wow (Depth)

2) Volume + Grain
1. Volume of sample A
2. Volume of sample B
3. Grain Rate (default 10)
4. Grain Duration (default 200)

3) Sample A
1. Tune (0-200, 100=normal pitch)
2. Rate (0-100, 100=normal rate)
2. Sample Start % (0-100)
4. Length % (0-100)

4. Sample B

4 comments on “Two Loops
  • Felix Petrescu on said:

    great device! interface a lil bit quirky
    but such a fun device to play :)
    thank you.

  • soxsa on said:

    Thank to Felix for his heartfelt comments on the UI :)

    I have to agree it’s not the most elegant interface but I’ve explored some ideas and there’s so much code required to jazz it up – then side-effects, testing, debugging. I’m going keep it simple and hopefully working!

    The Organelle does require some compromises on UI. It’s like coding in the old days and I rather like that.

    That said, you can make some really wierd sounds with it, and to me, that’s what matters.

  • nicolasbulb on said:

    you’re coming with a really nice set of patches. Nicely done. I agree, the UI could be a bit more “creative”. I really like the visual approach from werle.kyle and recently the patches from MARU303. I’m a graphic designer and I’d love to collaborate on doing 1bit graphics for the organelle but I have no skills in PureData so maybe a collab would be super nice?

  • soxsa on said:

    Hi Nicolas. The feedback was really about the useability, and perfectly valid, just with the resource available I’m personally more interested putting the effort into the sound than the UI.

    That said, I do appreciate some of the patches that have graphic content rather than just text. ChillTime is really nice for example. I’ve had a look at programming graphics on the OLED screen and it’s going to be pretty low level stuff :)

    Happy to try out some ideas though. My patches are going to be function-menu heavy – but I could imagine switching to a graphics screen could work. If you have something in mind, PM me and we’ll see how we go!

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