TweenMachine – AUM CC Tweener

This script allows for up to 16 buttons that fade between two values in both directons on different CCs.
The script accepts midi input from note 48 up.

– Shift + pad immediately goes to end of tween
– max duration upped to 30s
– duration now shown in seconds
1.0.4: Now reacts to incoming CCs (uses offset, so 48 by default)
1.0.3: tweaked to work with FlipMaster 1.2+
1.0.2: fixed some settings not saving in project
1.0.1: max upped to 15secs

Global settings:
~Pick a starting CC
~Set number of pads
~Set MIDI channel
~Set tick interval (lower = smoother but higher DSP, works well at 50)

Pad Settings: (Shift + Pad)
~Min target
~Max target
~Ease type (12 available, see top of window for selection)
~Ease duration

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3 comments on “TweenMachine – AUM CC Tweener
  • ADG on said:

    Nice work on this Danny, it turned out nice!

  • GtrGeorge on said:

    Just now got the latest update… fantastic!

  • p-osborn123yahoo-com on said:

    Hi Danny, love TweenMachine, any chance of extending the ramp time beyond 30 seconds to say 120 seconds or more for long ambient music fades?

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