VCV Rack & Reason

This patch is part of this walk-through:

In this clip you can view how to setup VCV Rack & Reason.
Both applications communicate with eachother.
VCV Rack is sending CV & Trigger to Reason for Complex-1.
Reason is sending clock signal with use of the excellent SW Sync plugin from Expert Sleepers to VCV Rack.

Full explanation is shown during the clip.
The setup used is centered around Motu Ultralite MK4 and the use of its internal virtual DAW channels.
Through internal routing, audio signal carrying cv/trigger/clock is patched from application to application.
Audio mix is done in the Motu UL MK4.


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2 comments on “VCV Rack & Reason
  • Eurikon on said:

    Reason Patch including the combinator and Expert Sleeper vst preset (You will need the expert sleepers SIlent Way plugin suite)


  • Eurikon on said:

    Also for the Reason patch you will need the Robotic Bean (audio to cv) RE.

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