Orca Tutorial Using Pilot

Learn Orca using Pilot.
Series of patches to learn progressively how to use Orca and how all his operators work, with some examples and instructions.

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5 comments on “Orca Tutorial Using Pilot
  • CrouchingPython on said:

    Not even sure how to do this. I unzipped and put in a folder, right-clicked on first orca file and launched orca. Just a blank screen. Windows 10. What am I doing wrong?

  • unny on said:

    open orca and hit Ctrl+O then select any .orca file
    the open menu doesn’t seems to work

    this tutorial it’s awesome you need to upgrade the B function, it seems that it changed the way it works on this version

  • CrouchingPython on said:

    Gotcha, thanks! How do I upgrade the B function? I’m running the latest version of Orca.

  • unny on said:

    I really don’t know, I was talking about upgrading the tutorial.
    I didn’t find a way to make the counter bounce, B just output the difference betwen 2 values

  • Eduardo_Dito on said:

    B Operator information Updated!

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