Turingmachina v3

*This is Version 3*
in multipage with even more control like clock divider/multiplier, quantised with 15 different scales to choose from and a reverb (audio through) to spice up your Synths.

This shift register MIDI Sequencer produces random notes. These can be completely random, or they can be locked into loops that repeat every 8 steps. It is inspired by the “Turing Machine” from Music Thing Modular which goes back to the long history of shift register circuits.

This is a shift memory sequencer, based around 8 steps.

You cannot program this sequencer to play specific tunes. You cannot save sequences. You can never go back to a sequence that has changed. You only can “steer” it in a certain direction.

*Page 1 – Sequencer
Knob 1: Select Steps to Random
Knob 2: Amount of change (randomness)
Knob 3: Octaves
Knob 4: Step length (2-8 Steps)

*Page 2 – Settings
Knob 1: BPM
Knob 2: Clock Multiplier/Divider
Knob 3: Key duration
Knob 4: Quantisation Scale

*Page 3 – Midi
Knob 1: Midi Channel

*Page 4 – Reverb
Knob 1: Room Size
Knob 2: Dampening
Knob 3: Dry/Wet
Knob 4: Predelay

Aux: Play / Stop / Clear (hold for 1 sec.)

You can set a starting Note by pressing it on the note keys then hold the Aux-Button for 1 second. Knob 3 on page 1 is also an octave changer for the keys of the organelle.

*Feel free to support me, in return you get music:

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7 comments on “Turingmachina v3
  • David Betz on said:

    I get errors when I try to launch this patch. Does it work with the new 3.0 OS update? There are a number of “argument out of range” errors as well as a failure to open and read /tmp/patch/knobs.txt.

  • David Betz on said:

    Does this just produce MIDI output? Is there a way to get it to generate sounds directly on the Organelle?

  • ringhof on said:

    Yes its Pure Midi-Out – i use it as simple sequencer for my modular and no i did not port it to OS 3.0. I am working on a new version with Midi-Channel selection and other new features and OS 3 support – but still no build in synth.

    Are there others who experience errors with OS 3?

  • ringhof on said:

    Checked version 2 on the new OS 3. works fine by me.

  • smallcorner on said:

    Super…no issues at all. There goes my day !

  • Whisper3000 on said:

    Using it with my MicroBrute, works great!

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