Turing Land

This is my take on a musical Turing machine.
It plays an eight beat Melody repeats it once and then thinks of another.

At its core this are two loopers. One is recording while the other is playing and vica versa.
The Note Output is a noise through a sample and hold ,multiplied with a Sine LFO and then quantized.

I find to mess with the note generation page yields the most interesting results.

For Example:
The speed of the Sine LFO in combination with the Clock LFO lets you basically choose if its more a stepped or an arpeggiated melody.
The strength between the multiplier and the quantizer lets you change the ambitus of the melody.
And of course you can always change the scale of the quantizer.

You can play around with:
Clock dividers for the length of the phrase (page 0+1),
Speed of the LFO-clock (page1) ,
the Note generation (page 2),
Synth’s ADSR or Waveform ( page3).

So this is my first patch I hope you Like it!

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  • Blonde_Engie on said:

    sounds Lovely but please upload an exemple ;)

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