Tuning with A – Day of the Dead Give Away 2021

Here is my entry for the Day of the Dead 2021 give away. Contest details at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8xqcXU3Wx0

Press the top PULSES button in the upper left corner to start and stop the patch. Press the bottom PULSES button twice while the patch is stopped to return the patch to the initial state.

The title “Tuning with A” is a poor play on words, where “tuning” not only refers to the modern orchestral standard of tuning to A440, but also I’m inventing a definition of “tuning” to mean “writing a song”. This is a slow moving, scripted ambient patch where almost everything is derived from a single VCV VCO-1 droning at a fixed pitch of A4 (A440). It functions as both a sound source, as well as a clock. I use lots of clock dividers and sequencers to establish subharmonics, event timing, complex polymeter rhythms, LFO modulation, and some envelopes. One subharmonic voice is created by a SEQ-3 clocked at audio rates by the VCO-1. I use recursive filtering to establish additional high frequency pitches from the natural harmonic series created by A2 and A4.

There are a total of 6 or 7 voices, depending on how you count. Every voice incorporates at least one Nitrous, Wolv, or both.

The only voice not derived from the VCO-1 is a Karplus Strong bass guitar voice (tuned to A of course), that uses VCV NOIS for excitation.

The only timing/modulation not derived from the VCO-1 are some VCA envelopes for half the voices, (though still with triggers derived from VCO-1), and some chaotic modulation from CAUDAL for one droning voice. I also use Geodesics Fate to introduce random mutes, but its trigger is also derived from the VCO-1.

Much of this patch is derived from concepts I have been exploring since I first started my modular journey with VCV Rack 7 months ago. Part of the fun/challenge was figuring out how to employ various techniques I had already used, but this time using only the VCV, Vult, and Geodesics plugins.

My intent is for the patch to be used in multiple contexts
– As a quiet ambient piece that can play in the background unobtrusively for hours, establishing a tranquil environment
– As a solo piece that can bear up to concentrated listening, with enough subtle shifts in timbre, harmonies, voicing, etc. to maintain interest.
– As a backing track for improvisations on my Native American flutes.

Detailed patch notes are available at https://community.vcvrack.com/t/dave-venom-music-and-patches-latest-day-of-the-dead-give-away-2021-entry/13118/30?u=davevenom

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