Simple ‘sequencer’ that advances when it receives a trigger (which can be a MIDI Note or MIDI CC). The sequence is just a series of notes (and their velocity). The notes are entered by holding down a pad and sending a note to the script or by ‘listening’ to a series of notes.

This simple script was written to be easily modifiable. Hack away!

2 comments on “TrigSeq
  • rs2000 on said:

    Excellent. This is like those old school step sequencers but much more convenient.
    Have you thought about using two/four banks with 8 steps each to support 16, 24 or 32 steps?

    Thank you!

  • Espiegel123 on said:

    thanks for the comment. I am thinking about what features I’ll add to take it to the next level. This first iteration was quick and dirty as I needed something right away (I am using it to send notes to ChordPad so that I can cycle through the chord sequences at my own pace — I am working on getting better at playing over “changes”).

    i am thinking about multiple pages (of 16 notes each) and a separate setup page. I will probably also add MIDI control of the start and end steps and seq length. I might also add a limited preset mechanism so that one can save a few different sequences conveniently in one instance.

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