Trig Sequencer

This is a project inspired by the sequencer found in Gauss. It contains 2 sections:
– The sequence of notes, determined by the first eight knobs in both rows, for a total of 16 max steps.
– Three triggers, controlled by the last three knobs in the bottom row. They each trigger a pulse at the specified bar division, which makes the sequencer move forward and output the corresponding note. If two trigs trigger at the same time, then the sequencer skips one step.

If the Mutate knob is fully turned down the sequencer always advances according to the rules above. As this value increases the sequencer is more likely to choose a random step to trigger.

The Gate knob specifies the gate length, from 1 to 500 milliseconds.

If the Shift button is held, the incoming MIDI notes will set the sequencer notes.

7 comments on “Trig Sequencer
  • NoiseFloored on said:

    In v2 I added the mutate and gate knobs, and I removed the S1-S8 and T1-T3 labels, which seemed somewhat redundant.

  • NoiseFloored on said:

    V2.1: record incoming MIDI notes by holding the shift button

  • NoiseFloored on said:

    V2.2: much more performant pre-computed trig arrays. Trig LEDs are gone though.

  • NoiseFloored on said:

    V2.5: increase max steps from 8 to 16

  • NoiseFloored on said:

    V2.5.1: small fix for restoring sequence

  • NoiseFloored on said:

    V2.5.2: no new features, just a bit of code refactoring

  • NoiseFloored on said:

    V2.5.3: fixed a bug introduced in 2.5.2 with step recording

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