Audify Covid-19 Data in VCV Rack!

Day 121 – As of today, we have 4 months of data! So, let’s audify (or, perhaps, sonify) within VCV Rack!

TrevoScrub-MMAF-C19-VCV is a data collection with example VCV Racks that operate as a sicklical (™ TrevoLabs) stereo, multimode filter setup, based on realtime Corona-19 data. With 4 months of data, we leverage some nice curves. I’m starting with multimode auto-filter manipulation since it’s the most obvious to hear. The data could be applied to pitch sets and other compositional dimensions.

Data is provided by geographic location as individual areas (e.g. Germany and San Diego) and as grouped data sets (e.g. specific cities or specific countries).

*** Quick Start ***
1. Download – (see below)

2. Uncompress – to create the “TrevoScrub-MMAF-C19-Data” folder

3. Launch VCV Rack and Open a Rack– In the “Rack” folder, such as: TrevorScrub-MMAF-C19-VCV-v1-01_VCF.vcv

4. Right click on 02NAGOL – browse to find a CSV. For example “join3_output.csv” in the VCV_Rack_Data is the data file for 20 Specific Cities of Interest scaled 0 – 10v

5. Go – Unmute the 4MIX, click the “ON” (top TRIGGER) and click “RUN” on CLOCKED.

6. Experiment – with the Oscillator Type and frequency, Time Scale, Hold time, Factors, Filter type and Q. Try changing patch cables to select different geographic locations.

*** Thanks ***
I’d like to thank the “VCV Rack Official User Group” for the discussion that led to the use of 02NAGOL, NYSTHI for creating the module and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE) for sourcing the data. I’d also like to thank Jeff Kaiser and our “Made Audible” project for inspiring me to audify data in various ways.

For more information see:

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