Creating Brass in VCV Rack, Minimoog style!

TrevoX-VCV-Brass is an example VCV Rack along with a STRIP instrument for analogue subtractive brass synthesis. This SoS article from 2001 describes brass synthesis (and options) quite well, and my Rack is loosly based on Tom Rhea’s Trumpet:

The Zip file on PatchStorage includes two patches and a STRIP preset:

TrevoX-VCV-Brass-v1-01_MM.vcv – Rack with a sequencer and simplified TrevoX-VCV-MM patch. I removed most of the 8VERT modules. The oscillators are tuned with the VCO-1 FREQ knob (Osc 2: 261Hz, Osc 2: 261.5Hz). There is subtle pitch modulation. The horns span 3 octaves. Press “Run” on the CLOCKED module to play some Aaron Copland.

TrevoX-VCV-Brass-v1-02_Mockba.vcv – Another Rack but using the Mockba Model V module.

TrevoX-VCV-Brass-v1.vcvss – STRIP preset. Patch pitch input into the “IN” of the OFFSET module and Gate into the left CHANNEL 2 input of the UNITY module. Take the audio output from the multiples module.

Note that the OFFSET module is used to transpose the piece to Bb.

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