Transpose Tool in the Range of 12 Semitones

!!! It’s possible to do in the Beta version of Midihub software: (it will soon be released as a public stable build) !!!

Normally the TRANSPOSE-modifier has a range of 127 Semitones, which can be very fiddly if you want to transpose something on the go (e. g. on stage).

This preset first reduces the full range of a mapped normal rotary controller (127) to only 12 units so you can afterwards switch between 12 semitones within one octave. The far left position of the knob now is your original tone. Far right is one octave plus.

To make it work for you, you only have to change the cc-number “18” in the “RANGE FLTR” and the “TRANSPOSE” to your desired destination (or map it with your midi controller).

Edit: The last row just let all other CC-messages pass.

You’re welcome!

4 comments on “Transpose Tool in the Range of 12 Semitones
  • resonotter on said:

    Nice One.
    If anyone wants to have the Transpose range from an Octave Down to an Octave Up, just change the Rescale to Out Low = 52, Out High = 76

  • erpel15 on said:

    @resonotter True, you can adjust this parameter. For me it is a bit simpler/ faster to adjust the original root note (C) when I can hit the left end of the physical controller range. And the more notes are in the range – the harder it gets for me to fast switch the transpose precisely.

  • resonotter on said:

    @erpel15, good performance points!

    `course, with 1.14, *if* one has an octave of keys ‘free’ at the end of a keyboard, it’s now possible to set up a “Transpose set” of keys!

  • erpel15 on said:

    Even better! Sounds great.

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