This is mainly just a conversion patch I did from pd-extended with a few extra tweaks here and there.

As far as I know that means you MUST have pd-extended on the Organelle to run this.
Also, I’m as basic as they come in PD. If you want or need tech support for it. I wouldn’t ask me. Anything I do will just be guess work.
I’m actually looking for help to clean this up myself. There’s a few bugs. But it still sounds nice and I think there’s a ton of potential here.

This also has a sequencer. I just forgot to put that into the initial display.

UPDATE: 5/30/2018
+Fixed the higher notes so they come through as well as the lower notes.

+Screen now says sink for sequencer on start up.

+Added audio input capabilities.

+Added polyphonic capabilities

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  • sibilant on said:

    This is gorgeous, thank you!

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