Topograph 1.0.1

Quick fix 1.0.1: I forgot a few lines of code in the first upload which made it work only with note assignment of Ruismaker, now the settings work as intended.

Topograph, a 10-Track drum sequencer (inspired by Bastl Instrument’s Kompas Module) that features just two dials per drum track, plus two extra knobs:

Based on Euclidean sequencing, the upper row (Rate) selects the number of repeats within 16 steps (fixed pattern length), from 1 (every), 2 (every second),…. to every 16th step. Step counts are partly shifted relatively to each other to make sense, so while for example a bass drum set to “4” will play in step 1, 5, 9, 13, the open hat set to “4” will play on the off beat: 3, 7, 11, 15.

The lower row (Fill) does two things. In middle Position, the drum sound will just do as described above, and repeat as many times per 16 steps as shown in the upper row. Dial the knob to the left to reduce the chance of that happening, so at hard left the sound will be triggered with 0% (off), and at 9 o’clock with ~50%.
If you dial towards the right, instead of reducing, you’ll increase the chance to play additional notes off the Euclidean grid, with a lower velocity, set randomly between 20 and 80, while the main velocity is 127. At hard right, all 16 steps will be filled.

Deja-vu is a Turing-Machine like algorithm that allows to repeat the randomness of the lower row, so both the additional notes and the ones that are not played. Turn right for complete randomness, turn left for looping.

4. Swing is, well, swing.

5. The channels and notes have to be configured via code window, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem even if you don’t program. Settings are easy to identify. Default programming fits the note numbers for Ruismaker on channel 1 (Drum 1-8) and for low and high tom of a second channel of Ruismaker on channel 2.

One comments on “Topograph 1.0.1
  • biggir on said:

    one of my favorite script !!!

    easy to use, superb to perform with :-)

    configure one or two options and let’s go !

    perhaps one suggestion if it’s possible : a second page with nb of steps and start/rotation of tracks

    thx !!!

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